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  • The fastest growing economy in the region with an average annual GDP growth rate of 4.5% over 2007-2017 (IMF)
  • Sovereign Credit Rating upgraded by Moody’s (Ba2), with only one-notch left to Investment Grade
  • Strong financial sector – demonstrated strong resilience towards external shocks, without a single bank going bankrupt; no nationalization of banks and no government ownership since 1994
  • Visa-free travel to the EU since March-2017
  • Scaling-up infrastructure spending (East-West Highway, Anaklia Deep-sea Port, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, Tbilisi Airport expansion, tourism infrastructure)
  • Free trade agreements with EU (DCFTA), EFTA, CIS, Turkey, China and Hong-Kong
  • Rapidly growing tourism revenues already accounting for 18% of GDP
  • EU accounts for the largest share in trade volumes and other external activities
  • Deepening trade relations to new large markets (EU and China) are expected to broaden exports base
  • Modern institutions and business friendly environment
  • Electricity transit hub potential
  • Potential to become a healthcare center for the region
  • Underutilized potential in agriculture as bio-diversity in Georgia provides scope for agricultural exports
  • Potential for manufacturing due to low labor and utility costs.
  • No corporate income tax on undistributed profits
  • No capital gains tax
  • No payroll tax or social insurance tax
  • No wealth tax, inheritance tax or stamp duty
  • Foreign-source income of individuals fully exempted
  • Georgia is consistently ranked as the top performer globally in governance and doing business indicators, in economic policy and institutional assessments tracked by eminent international institutions
Simplified procedures to register a foreign firm/company:
It takes only 2 days to set up a company in Georgia while the average is 12.9 days in European & Central Asian countries and 9.3 days in OECD high income countries (WB Doing Business 2019)

Growing number of free trade agreements - currently Georgia can access $59.7 trillion markets (EU, China, CIS, etc.) or 2.8 billion consumers without customs duties.
  • GDP: $17.3 trilion
  • Import: $5.7 trilion
  • Population: 509.7 million
FTA with China and Hong-Kong
  • GDP: $12.4 trillion
  • Import: $2.9 trillion
  • Population: 1.4 billion
GSP with USA, Canada, Japan
  • GDP: $26.0 trillion
  • Import: $4.3 trillion
  • Population: 489.3 million
FTA with CIS
  • GDP: $2.1 trillion
  • Import: $466.7 billion
  • Population: 287.0 million
FTA with EFTA states
  • GDP: $1.1 trillion
  • Import: $507.6 Billion
  • Population: 14.1 million
FTA with Turkey
  • GDP: $851.5 billion
  • Import: $248.4 billion
  • Population: 80.8 million

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