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G&T Team

About Research

Galt & Taggart Research provides fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the economy, corporate sectors and fixed income. We also offer special reports tailored to clients’ needs. Our research supports investors better understand the issues and trends that affect companies, industries and markets. 
Galt & Taggart Research products are available on leading proprietary platforms, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, FactSet and Tellimer.

Our coverage


  • Macro Research offers key economic trends and projections primarily focusing on Georgia, and also other regional economies. We provide macroeconomic, foreign exchange rate and interest rate forecasts, market views, and recommendations.
  • Sector Research offers in-depth coverage of key sectors of Georgian economy to identify and communicate investment opportunities, focusing on key trends and developments, profitability analysis, growth prospects and forecasts.
  • Fixed income provides coverage of Georgian and regional fixed income securities, with emphasis on key macro trends and market views. 


Custom Research 

We offer specific reports tailored to clients’ needs to identify investment opportunities or understand trends that affect their companies and industries. In this regard, we offer in-depth sector research, business plan, feasibility studies and financial modelling for local and foreign investors. 


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Research Reports Regional Fixed Income Market Watch, March 2024 April 05, 2024
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