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ResearchResearch Reports Positioning of Top Performing Hedge Funds

Positioning of Top Performing Hedge Funds

To provide a valuable insight on potentially profitable investment opportunities, we have analyzed some of the top performing hedge funds with AUM above US$ 5.0bn that managed to outperform the market in 18 months since 2021. On average, these funds have delivered 15x the cumulative return of S&P 500 from 2021 to mid-2022, while the figure is 25x for the top 3 highest performing funds.

We have decomposed the portfolios of these funds, listing their top 10 holdings as well as the most recent asset additions and disposals.

Interestingly, Consumer Discretionary, Information Technology, Financials, and Health Care are the sectors these selected hedge funds are most heavily invested in. Moreover, FAAMG stocks (excluding Meta Platforms) are particularly popular single stock choices.