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MediaPress Releases Galt & Taggart offers customers the updated G&T Trader application

Galt & Taggart offers customers the updated G&T Trader application

Galt & Taggart offers customers the updated G&T Trader application

Galt & Taggart values its clients and strives to create the highest quality services that will enable swifter and easier investment processes. To this end, Galt & Taggart is now releasing an updated G&T Trader application.

Even faster and more convenient than the old version, the G&T Trader platform is equipped with additional security functionality through which the application can be accessed using both the face recognition system (Face ID) and the fingerprint sensor.

In order to create an experience tailored to an individual user’s wishes, the application has both a dark mode and a white mode function.

However, this is not all. Galt & Taggart continuously publishes research and proactively informs clients about current stock market news to facilitate data-driven, efficient, and informed decision-making by clients. Subscribe to Galt & Taggart's website newsletter to receive new publications in real-time.

To further simplify the investment processes, the Galt & Taggart app offers such auxiliary tools as a Screener, Watchlist, and Research module, as well as indicators and tools necessary for technical analysis. By using the research module built into the platform, investors can get information about the market news without leaving the platform and learn about the calendar of financial results, which further simplifies the process of obtaining information about securities and making decisions.

"We are constantly trying to improve the G&T Trader app to make it more sophisticated, faster, and more convenient. The updated functionality is convenient for users with all levels of experience. The operating system is even faster than the previous version, allowing customers to perform the operations in seconds," – noted Galt & Taggart.

For information, the G&T Trader platform gives users access to more than 35,000 investment instruments, more than 45 international exchanges, and regional, hard-to-reach financial markets.

G&T Trader is available on both iOS and Android systems. To download and update the app, visit the Apple App Store and Google Play.