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MediaPress Releases Galt & Taggart held a "Georgia Investor Day" conference at the London Stock Exchange to attract investments in Georgia

Galt & Taggart held a "Georgia Investor Day" conference at the London Stock Exchange to attract investments in Georgia

October 12th, 2018 – Bank of Georgia subsidiary company Galt & Taggart, the leading Investment Bank and Brokerage Firm in Georgia, held a "Georgia Investor Day" conference at the London Stock Exchange, in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the event was to get investors familiar with Georgia as a great investment destination in the region, its economic attractiveness, favorable terms for doing business and a stable banking system. Invited guests, current and potential investors, received information about the economic prospects in Georgia, as well as about its healthcare, insurance, real estate and beverages sector. In addition, prospects for future co-operation were discussed.

“We are very pleased that Galt & Taggart was the host of very important event – “Georgia Investor Day” on London stock exchange. I think that these kinds of meetings remain a vital tool to broadly and deeply communicate key information to the existing and potential investors. Regular and effective contact with investors and analysts is central to securing maximum mindshare and driving value creation, for a better understanding and more compelling view of the companies, country and financial environment as an investment” – stated Otar Sharikadze, Managing Director of Galt & Taggart.

“Bank of Georgia has many years of experience in working with investors and attracting investments. The Georgia Investor Day has been organised with the purpose of better acquainting both existing and potential investors with Georgia’s attractive investment climate; thriving economic and business environment; stable regulatory system and successful Georgian businesses. Foreign investors show high interest in investing in Georgia, especially in those companies the shares and bonds of which are listed on the international stock exchange. It is very important for existing and future investors to receive the information straight from management representatives of the LSE listed companies and to discuss Georgia's economic prospects with top officials of the country. We are very happy that such an important event took place because we think this is another step forward for the development of our country's economy and attracting investments" - stated Kaha Kiknavelidze, CEO of Bank of Georgia.

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Giorgi Kobulia, along with heads of state and private companies, invited investors and analysts, also attended the conference.

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