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Frequently Asked Questions

To open an “Investments” account you’ll need to be over 18 years old, Georgian resident, and have a Bank of Georgia account. Download the Bank of Georgia mobile application available in the App Store or Google Play. It will take only 5 minutes to open the account. You will also need an identification document such as Passport, Identity Card or Resident Permit. 

During the account opening process, some part of the information will be collected from Bank of Georgia automatically and you will need to provide additional information to complete the account opening steps.

We might require additional documents, such as FATCA form (W-8 & W-9), source of Funds, Source of Wealth or any other supportive documents. At this point the account opening process will be switched to manual and our team will contact you directly.

The account opening process is automated. Hence you will be notified about the status after the account opening steps has been completed. If, for any reason, the account opening process will move into manual process, you will be notified in the mobile application and our onboarding team will contact you for details. 

If you submitted an application and would like to withdraw it, please contact Bank of Georgia representative. No action is required if you started an application, but didn’t submit it.

If you’d like to close your account, please make sure first to liquidate all your open positions, withdraw your balance at your Bank of Georgia account and then proceed with the account closure request with Bank of Georgia representative.

“Investments” application supports IOS and Android.

You can use “Investments” on iPhone devices with iOS 11 and above. We do not support iOS tablets directly, but you can use “Investments” on these devices as well.

Our Android app will support all android versions above android 7 (Nougat). We do not support Android tablets directly, but you can use “Investments” on these devices as well.

“Investments” is not supported on the web.

You can get in touch with “Investments” support team by calling or emailing Bank of Georgia support team, at: +995 32 244444; Email: