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G&T Team

About Brokerage

Founded in 1995, Galt & Taggart is the largest brokerage house in Georgia and one of the leading in the region that provides competitive brokerage services for resident and non-resident investors. Licensed by the National Bank of Georgia (brokerage license: #820 (10.09.2014)), Galt & Taggart prides itself on its reputation as a top-quality service provider across multi-asset and multi-market brokerage proposition, including execution, custody, and trading platform.


We serve our customers through two main – execution and online – brokerage accounts.

Galt & Taggart is a technology-driven company and offers its clients access to international and local financial markets. A brokerage account is an investment account that allows you to buy and sell a variety of investments. You can become a partial owner in a company by investing in the stock market or become a lender to a company by investing in fixed income instruments. We offer execution as well as online brokerage accounts to capture clients’ interests and satisfy investment goals.

With an execution brokerage account, you can tap into local and regional markets and get access to hard-to-reach financial papers. You will have the benefit to work with a broker who will provide updated information regarding your points of interest and execute trades for you.

With an online brokerage account ( you gain access to international markets including the US, EU, AP, and have the ability to invest in international securities. Through an online brokerage platform, we offer access to over 35,000 instruments, including Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, CFDs, Futures, Options, and Forex. You can access the online trading platform directly from your browser on any device, install our professional G&T Trader Pro application on PC, or even invest from your smartphone using our IOS/Android App.

As a complimentary service, we have also created Galt & Taggart Client Portal which is an online platform where you can access a consolidated view of your portfolio for both: Execution and Online brokerage accounts.